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Enshrouded Video Offers Some Tips and Tricks

Keen Games released a new beginner tips video for Enshrouded. Viewers can get a handle on the main systems for the survival action RPG, which is currently available on Steam Early Access.

Enshrouded Gets New Teaser Trailer

Keen Games released a brief new gameplay teaser for Enshrouded. RPGamers will be able to try out the open-world survival RPG during October’s Steam Next Fest.

Enshrouded Preview

Keen Games’s latest project Enshrouded is set to arrive on Steam Early Access later this year. RPGamer was able to get an early hands-off look at the survival action RPG.

Enshrouded Gets Debut Gameplay Trailer

Keen Games released its first gameplay trailer for Enshrouded. The four-minute video gives an overview of the gameplay systems within the survival action RPG.

Sacred 3 Review

Sacred 3 sees fresh hands take over the series after original developer Ascaron Entertainment’s demise following the release of Sacred 2. Has it been treated with the reverence that fans hoped for?