Enshrouded Shows Its World Creation Process

Keen Games released a new behind-the-scenes trailer for co-op survival RPG Enshrouded. The four-minute video covers the developer’s processes behind its voxel-based game world, which features hand-crafted elements and layouts, aided by some supplementary procedural generation and randomisation.

Enshrouded sees players awaken in the open world of Embervale as the “Flameborn”, the last hope of an ancient cilivisation whose people have been driven to madness and controlled by the Shroud. The game features single-player as well as co-op for up to sixteen players, including dedicated server options. Players need to hunt, gather, and craft as they build up their hero to take on the various bosses leading the competing factions of corrupted creatures.

Enshrouded will release on Steam Early Access on January 24, 2024. The initial release is planned to include all of the game’s core elements, with new biomes, content, and other features to be added during the Early Access process. The game is currently expected to get a full release for PC within a year. Those looking to read more about Enshrouded can check out RPGamer’s preview of the game.



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