Lapis Re Abyss Gets Some More Info, Screenshots

Nippon Ichi Software has provided new details and screenshots for its upcoming action RPG Lapis Re Abyss (known as Lapis x Labyrinth in Japan). The first set of details concern the special abilities known as the “Assist Order” and “Extra Order” for four of the game’s eight classes.

The Hunter class uses dual blades and specialises in one-on-one combat. Its Assist Order Blood Rush causes ten blasts to be fired from its blades, while the Extra Order Blood Storm is a more powerful version featuring even more blades. The Necormancer wields a scythe and works best in mid-to-long-range combat. The Necromancer’s Assist Order Soul Missile shoots out homing bullets, while the Extra Order Soul Bomb covers the majority of the screen in a giant explosion.

The Shielder focuses on defence and counter-ataccking with the help of its giant shield. The Assist Order Hyper Shield causes an attack-repelling barrier to appear, while the Extra Order Zone of Shield creates an invincibility field that covers an even larger area. Finally, the Maid uses a pan and specialises in support and weakening enemies. Its Assist Order Dangerous Cook sees it use ingredient from enemies to create items to increase the party’s attack power, while the Extra Order¬†Meromero Fes shoots out heart-shaped bullets that inflict status ailments on enemies.

Nippon Ichi also detailed some other elements for the game. One is an exploration kit, which is a magic tool that protects the party against miasma and used by placing it on top of the Dango stack and the start of an adventure. Lapis Re Abyss also features a reward system, where players earn treasure points by collecting items and thus earn a higher rank at the end of each adventure. Forming a treasure chain is key to earning points, with the chain reseting is the party is damaged by an enemy. There are also keys that are earned from completing adventured and used to unlock various chests in the game. Finally, there are also a couple of facilities that players can use at their home base. A lunch store provides various effects in dungeons, such as healing or rasiing attack power, while a modifications shop lets players add bonuses to their equipment.

Lapis Re Abyss is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is set to be released in Japan on November 29, 2018, with there currently being no official announcement regarding a western release.



Source: Gematsu


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