New Trailer Invites Players to the Arena to Vie for the Gift of Parthax

Publisher 1C Company has released a launch trailer to celebrate the Steam release of Gift of Parthax. Players will step into the combat boots of Arif, a mage out to save the life of his friend. In order to do so, he must step into the grand arena of Atixa and emerge victorious to claim the grand prize. The game is broken up into five seasons of arena challenges, featuring successive waves of foes that must be defeated. Gift of Parthax sports a top-down pixel art graphical style, and players will be able to modify and customize spells in Arif’s spell book.

Gift of Parthax released on September 12, 2018, for PC and Mac via Steam. The game is developed by Foldergeist Studios. To commemorate its launch, a 15% discount off its normal $9.99 price tag is currently in effect.



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