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King’s Bounty II’s Elisa Revealed

1C Entertainment and Prime Matter unveiled the third playable character for King’s Bounty II. Elisa is a peasant who gains magical abilities and sets out to save Nostria with them.

King’s Bounty II Preview

The King’s Bounty series returns this August with King’s Bounty II. RPGamer was able to learn more about the title from 1C Entertainment’s CEO Nikolay Baryshnikov and brand manager Iliya Svanidze.

Reverie Knights Tactics Announced

Reverie Knights Tactics is a new tactical RPG coming to PC and consoles this fall. The game seeks players trying to find a lost elven city.

King’s Bounty II Launching in August

1C Entertainment’s strategy RPG King’s Bounty II has a firm release date. The game will arrive on PC and consoles in late August.

King’s Bounty II Gets Developer Q&A Video

1C Entertainment has released a developer Q&A video for the upcoming King’s Bounty II. The seven-minute video addresses several questions about the tactical fantasy RPG releasing sometime this year.

Conglomerate 451 Review

Cyberpunk dungeon-crawler Conglomerate 451 sees players use their government agents to subdue a group of corporations. Battling clones with clones makes for quite a repetitive experience, however.