Bard’s Tale IV to Feature Rogue’s Gallery of Personalities

A new spotlight trailer from inXile Entertainment lets players get acquainted with just a few of the over 350 faces that populate the land of Skara Brae in the upcoming Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep. The video gives a first glance at such colorful characters as Hiccup, a wine lover going through a dry spell; a scat-happy goblin; and Arthur, an unfortunate undead with a dagger permanently skewered through his right eye socket. The whole menagerie will be fully voiced as well.

The Kickstarter-funded sequel is bringing the mainline Bard’s Tale franchise back after a 30-year hiatus. A release date is just around the corner on September 18, 2018, for PC, Mac, and Linux in Europe and North America. The developer’s Wishlist Initiative is still ongoing via Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle, potentially lowering its purchase price when certain threshold of wishlisters across the three services are met.



Pascal Tekaia

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