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The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut Now Available

The Director’s Cut version of inXile Entertainment’s The Bard’s Tale IV is now available. The new version of the game sees its make it debut on consoles and features multiple additions, including a new end-game chapter.

The Bard’s Tale IV Out Now on PC

After thirty years, a new mainline Bard’s Tale has arrived. The Bard’s Tale IV is out now for PC, coming to other platforms at a later date.

The Bard’s Tale IV to Be Told this September

Pass the mead and raise your tankard, for the upcoming fourth installment of The Bard’s Tale has received a release date. Before the merriment gets out of hand, players must choose which of four versions best suits their adventuring needs.

inXile Entertainment Demos The Bard’s Tale IV

Twenty years after the release of the third game, The Bard’s Tale is finally getting a new official mainline entry. Developer inXile Entertainment gave a twenty-three-minute demo showcasing the gameplay in The Bard’s Tale IV.