Mary Skelter 2 Details Murder Hunts, Receives New Trailer

Compile Heart has released new details and a trailer for its upcoming dungeon-crawler Mary Skelter 2. The information concerns a returning feature from the first game — the Murder Hunt system — while the trailer introduces the game’s various characters and jobs.

Murder Hunts take place when the party comes across an immortal Nightmare. Nightmares can appear at any time during exploration, especially as the mood of the living jail worsens, such as when players turn around or even open up the menu. Nightmares are always surrounded by a white fog, however, giving players a clue as to when they are nearby. When a Nightmare is discovered, this starts a Murder Hunt, where the player needs to escape the foggy zone. Vision is obscured in these zones, however, players can help find their way using the splattered blood of enemies. Escaping the zone itself is the only way to survive as even if players defeat a Nightmare in combat, it will resurrect.

Mary Skelter 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4 and is set to be released on June 28, 2018 in Japan. In addition to the sequel, which follows a new main protagonist but sees some important cast members return, the release will also include a remake of the first game that includes all the enhancements made to the various systems in the sequel.



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