Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Crashes into Donkey Kong

Ubisoft has released two trailers detailing the long-awaited Donkey Kong DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The expansion, dubbed Donkey Kong Adventure, features an entirely new story and world to discover. Rabbid Peach finds herself crash-landing in the middle of the jungle, bringing the plague of Rabbids with her. To overcome a Rabbid Kong that is wreaking havoc across the land, Rabbid Peach teams up with Donkey Kong and a Rabbid Cranky Kong.

As the two new playable characters, Donkey Kong and Rabbid Cranky bring a host of new abilities to the fold. Donkey Kong is primarily a melee brawler whose ranged weapon, the Bananarang, has quite a limited distance but can hit multiple targets. DK also has an ability that allows him to grab any elements on the field, including traps and cover, carry them a short distance, and throw them at people as a grenade. The attack also carries any attributes from the used object. The attack must be used carefully as any item used, including the cover spots, is removed from the fight for good. Rabbid Cranky and DK also share a unique ability where Donkey Kong can pick up, carry, and throw Rabbid Cranky with it being counted as a Team Jump.

Donkey Kong Adventure is a stand-alone adventure that will be made available after the ending of Chapter One in the main game. The expansion will be available in June 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, either as part of the game’s season pass or a separate purchase through the eShop. For more information on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Joshua Carpenter’s review of the game can be found here.



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