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Deltarune Second Chapter Releasing Tomorrow

The second chapter of Deltarune’s arrival is imminent. Players will be able to copy their previous chapter save files over, though a general memory of story events is all that’s required.

RPG Backtrack 231: Hug the Goat!

Our retro episode of RPG Backtrack briefly mentioned the feel-good RPG, Undertale. We felt the game deserved its own episode, since we also have a chance to bring up its spiritual sequel, Deltarune.

Undertale Launching on Xbox One

Undertale is finally making its way to Xbox One. The game will be available to purchase or as part of the Xbox Game Pass tomorrow.

Deltarune Gets Development Update

Toby Fox posted a new update on Deltarune, detailing the current state of its development. In addition, Fangamer and 8-4 presented a fifth anniversary concert broadcast for Undertale.

Toby Fox Provides Some Information About Deltarune

Following the release on Deltarune earlier in the week, Toby Fox has provided some information on what it actually is. Included in the information is a caveat that players shouldn’t expect the full experience to release very soon.

RPG Backtrack Episode 195: Old Wave

Developers were once consumed by the need to push technological prowess as much as possible, but in recent years a smorgasbord of titles that evoke earlier generations has been created. We here tackle a hefty helping of this sort of RPG, using a lineup that varies wildly in style and quality.

Undertale Out Now on Switch

Oddball RPG Undertale is now available on Switch. The game is available to download from the eShop, while those interested can still order a physical edition.

Nintendo Direct Round-up

Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation featured titles on both 3DS and Switch. In amongst them were RPGs such as Bowser’s Inside Story, Octopath Traveler, Okami, South Park, and more.

Undertale PS4 Review

Undertale has received rave reviews by critics, has a dedicated fan base, and is considered by many to be a work of art. What of the rest of us, who haven’t quite caught the bug?

Undertale PC Review

Undertale is the surprise success of the season. Its greatest mystery is how a game with such prominent skeletons could have so much heart.