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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Review

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is a hidden indie gem from Acme Gamestudio that balances tough combat with great accessibility. While pacing issues and visual shortcomings exist, there’s a wonderful world waiting to be explored.

Undungeon Coming to Switch, PS4

In Undungeon, seven versions of Earth have collided to form a cataclysmic tangle of realities known as The Shift. Players will be able to attempt to mend the world on PS4 and Switch later this month.

tinyBuild Acquires Versus Evil

Publisher tinyBuild has acquired Banner Saga and Pillars of Eternity II publisher Versus Evil. The latter will continue operating as a complementary label.

UnDungeon Releasing in November

Laughing Machines and tinyBuild’s Undungeon has a release date. The action roguelite, where players try and undo an interdimensional cataclysm, releases in a few weeks.

Black Skylands Early Access Launch Set for June

tinyBuild and Hungry Couch Games’ Black Skylands has a Steam Early Access release date. The combination of action-adventure, top-down shooter, and RPG elements will be available in a few weeks.

Black Skylands Open Playtest Currently Running

Open-world sandbox title Black Skylands is running an open playtest this week. Those interested can try the game out ahead of its upcoming release on Steam Early Access.

Hellpoint Review

A derelict space station locked in orbit around a black hole is certainly a unique setting for an action RPG. Hellpoint sticks quite close to the familiar Souls-like gameplay formula while injecting just a bit of sci-fi horror.

Hellpoint Delayed on Switch

Sci-fi action RPG Hellpoint will see its Nintendo Switch release postponed in order to iron out its online multiplayer. All other versions of the game are still set to launch next week.

Hellpoint Launching at End of July

Dark sci-fi RPG Hellpoint will be releasing for numerous platforms at the end of this month. A new trailer gives a quick look at the game’s drop-in co-op multiplayer.

Free Demo Available for Action RPG UnDungeon

Roguelike action RPG UnDungeon has a free demo available as part of the Steam Game Festival. Players accompany a Herald sent to travel through time and space to help restore the shattered worlds of the multiverse.