VOIN Releasing This Year

Solo developer Nikita Sozidar and publisher tinyBuild have announced hack-and-slash action RPG VOIN will be making its way to PC via Steam in late 2024. The first public playtest for the game, which combines pixelated graphics with a modern art style, will begin on March 8, 2024, via Steam.

VOIN is set in a dark fantasy world and puts players in the role of an elemental servant created by a mage with the sole purpose of being a powerful weapon to cleanse a plague that has corrupted the world and consumed all life. Players can gather new weapons, equipment, and valuable loot as they battle hordes of enemies and explore massive castles or dash across rivers to find secret areas. Each enemy is randomly generated with distinct abilities, which will require players to adopt different strategies depending on the enemy. Completing each mission reveals more about the mysterious plague and unlocks boss arenas and new enemy types.




Naeem Ali

I have been gaming since I received the Sega Master System as a young child, which was the first console I ever owned (Yes, I am that old). The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I still adore to this day. My favorite RPG of all time, however, is Shadow Hearts on the PS2. I do have many other interests outside of gaming as well, such as watching old-school wrestling, Reading books, 80s movies.... or anything 80s related as a matter of fact.

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