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Cat Quest III Gets Release Date

During the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, developer The Gentlebros and publisher Kepler Interactive revealed the release date for the upcoming open-world RPG Cat Quest III. The game will launch in August on several platforms.

Cat Quest III Trailer Released

The third Cat Quest game has a new title befitting its status in the series. It also has a new trailer offering a first look at gameplay.

Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean Announced

Kepler Interactive and The Gentlebros announced a third Cat Quest title. Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean sees players sailing the seas while on the lookout for Pi-rats.

Cat Quest II Gets Fur-ree Pupdate

To celebrate International Cat Day, PQube and The Gentlebros have released a major free update for Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire. Included is a Mew Game mode for a second playthrough with more options.

Cat Quest Pawsome Pack Dated

The Cat Quest Pawsome Pack has a release date. The retail bundle of Cat Quest and Cat Quest II will hit at the end of July.

Cat Quest Pawsome Pack Announced

Cat Quest I and II are getting bundled into a physical edition for PS4 and Switch. The double pack will pounce onto shelves this spring; catnip sold separately.

Cat Quest II Console Release Dated

A console date has been given for PQube and The Gentlebros’ Cat Quest II. Both felines and canines will be able to join up on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in a couple of weeks.

RPGs Release Alongside Apple Arcade

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service has launched. Joining the service are four new RPGs: Cat Quest II, Oceanhorn 2, Exist the Gungeon, and Various Daylife.

Cat Quest II Shows Some Features

PQube and The Gentlebros have released three short videos for Cat Quest II. Felines and canines will be joining up on PC in just over a week before heading to consoles later this year.

Cat Quest II Set for Early 2019 Release

Shortly after announcing a physical Switch edition of its predecessor, The Gentlebros has provided a new teaser for Cat Quest II. The game is coming to many platforms early next year.