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New Game+ Expo Announced for June 23

A cancellation of physical events means that publishers are finding new ways to showcase and reveal upcoming games. Fourteen publishers have announced a joint New Game+ Expo event that will be broadcast live on Twitch next month.

Orangeblood Review

What is the proper response to organized crime? This game strongly suggests that directly fighting the mob members is best, so don’t come to it for legal advice.

Orangeblood Out Now for PC

In the year 199x, four girls must come together if they wish to survive on the isle of New Koza. While the console enthusiasts have to wait for a release window, PC gamers can enjoy Orangeblood starting today.

Orangeblood Launches for PC in January

After a short delay, Playism has put out a new PC release date for Orangeblood. Grayfax Software’s turn-based RPG will be available through Steam in January.

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Orangeblood PC Release Pushed to 2020

The PC version of Playism and Grayfax Software’s Orangeblood has been pushed back. It will now join the game’s console versions in 2020.

Horror RPG Omori Coming to Consoles

Surreal horror RPG Omori is set to release for PC and Mac this year after over five years in development. At TGS, publisher Playism revealed the game will also be coming to consoles.

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Orangeblood Console Platforms Confirmed

A part of its TGS announcements, Playism confirmed the console versions for Grayfax Software’s Orangeblood. The game is a turn-based RPG set in an alternate timeline on an artifical island off the coast of Okinawa.

Playism Releases Artifact Adventure Gaiden

Artifact Adventure emulated the impressive graphic prowess of the NES, and its sequel builds on that by emulating a later device. However, that device is the Game Boy, and thus offers even less of a palette to work with.

Artifact Adventure Review

Artifact Adventure raids RPGs from the 8-bit era for inspiration, aesthetics, and artifacts. Some may say it belongs in a museum, while others would argue it belongs in a (Steam) library.

One Way Heroics Review

Smoking WOLF discovered one simple way to become a hero. Dragons hate it! Read on to learn if this side-scrolling rogue-like is for you.