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Final Fantasy XVI Review

Highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI exceeds many of its expectations. Focusing on action and world building, this spellbinding tale of Eikons is a magnificent entry for fans and newcomers alike.

Babylon’s Fall Gets Combat 101 Trailer

Ahead of Babylon’s Fall’s imminent demo, Square Enix and PlatinumGames put out a new trailer for the action RPG. The companies also revealed the content of its first season of post-launch content.

Babylon’s Fall Demo Launching Next Week

A free demo for Babylon’s Fall launches next week. The demo lets players try out the game’s opening section in single-palyer and co-op multiplayer, with progression carrying over to the full game.

Babylon’s Fall Set for March

Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ Babylon’s Fall has a release date. Players will be able to load up their Gideon Coffins with weapons in March.

Babylon’s Fall First Closed Beta Dates Announced

PlatinumGames has announced the dates for the first phase of its closed beta for Babylon’s Fall. The first phase will focus largely on the technical online side rather than gameplay.

Babylon’s Fall Lives in New Trailer

After over a year of radio silence, Square Enix has shown off more of PlatinumGames’ new action title. Get ready for another wait, as more information of the game won’t arrive until next year.

Astral Chain Review

PlatinumGames returns with a brand new title on Nintendo Switch. Astral Chain sees players take on the role of a police officer trying to protect what remains of humanity from an extra-dimensional invasion.

Nintendo Shows Some Astral Chain at Gamescom

As part of its appearance at this week’s Gamescom, Nintendo is holding a set of streams for upcoming games. One of those games highlighted is PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain, which received plenty of gameplay footage.