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Greedventory Launching in April

Pixel-art action RPG Greedventory has a release date. The game from developer Black Tower Basement sees players going out to retrieve magical artifacts with their ancient Imp companion.

Decision: Red Daze Launching in May

FlyAnvil and Nordcurrent’s Decision: Red Daze is releasing for PC this month. The survival action RPG sees players attempting to survive in the post-apocalyptic Dust Bowl.

Ocean’s Heart Review

There’s never a dull moment for apprentice volunteer navy member Tilia. Players can join her in exploring an interconnected archipelago for clues about missing family members as well as lost treasure in this charming retro action-adventure game.

Ocean’s Heart Launching This Month

Top-down adventure RPG Ocean’s Heart has a release date. The game, from publisher Nordcurrent and developer Max Mraz, will launch for PC in a couple of weeks.

Ocean’s Heart Receives New Trailer

A new trailer for Ocean’s Heart features protagonist Tilia detailing what’s to come in her adventures. The top-down adventure RPG will launch for PC early next year.