Survival RPG Decision: Red Daze Gets Gameplay Videos

Indie developer FlyAnvil and publisher Nordcurrent Labs have released two trailers for the upcoming action RPG Decision: Red Daze, including over thirty minutes of gameplay with developer commentary. The game features survival and tower defense elements, and sees players take on the role of a survivor in a world decimated by the disease known as the Red Daze. Those afflicted with the Red Daze become mutated zombie-like creatures, and attack the few surviving settlements left in the wastelands known as the Dust Bowl. It is up to players to gather the necessary resources to set forth and locate other survivors in order to fight back the deadly disease.

Decision: Red Daze is the fourth title in the Decision series, and the first to be commercially released. It is in development for PC, and is currently targeted for an early 2022 release via Steam.




Pascal Tekaia

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