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Fantasian Part Two Impression

Fantasian continues to impress in part two, expanding its world travel, battle mechanics, and character abilities as the story unfurls. The game is great on mobile, yet a release on PC and consoles would be even greater so more gamers can experience the wonderful title.

Fantasian Part Two Launches This Week

The second part of Fantasian launches on Apple Arcade this Friday. The second half includes more quest-driven gameplay across its forty-to-sixty hours of content.

Fantasian Out Now on Apple Arcade

Mistwalker’s diorama RPG Fantasian is now available through Apple Arcade. The game is split into two parts, with the second expected later this year.

Mistwalker Reveals Fantasian Details, Media

After some teasing, Mistwalker has officially unveiled Fantasian. The diorama RPG will launch on Apple Arcade this year, with the developer providing new trailers, screenshots, and details for the game.

Mistwalker Releases New Fantasian Screenshot

Mistwalker’s newest title Fantasian is set to launch on Apple Arcade this year. Studio founder Hironobu Sakaguchi provided a small look at the game.

Terra Battle Ending Service in June

After running for nearly six years, Mistwalker’s Terra Battle is shutting down service in June. The studio is currently working on Apple Arcade title Fantasian.

Final Fantasy XV, Terra Wars Crossover Announced

Terra Battle 2 may have shut down this month, but Mistwalker is still working on the Terra Wars spin-off. Offering a reminder of the upcoming title, its protagonist has crossed over into Final Fantasy XV.

The Last Story Review

The Last Story has arrived for the European leg of its world tour. Should it fill the stadiums, or will it disappoint its eager fans?

Archaic Sealed Heat Retroview

Despite much pining from Mistwalker fans, this game never saw a release in English. Read about why that wasn’t such a bad thing in this review covered with ASH.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Review

Blue Dragon’s infamous obsession with all things poo takes on a more figurative meaning in the latest installment of Mistwalker’s RPG franchise. Just how did the game fare?

Blue Dragon Plus Review

It might not be the sequel fans were waiting for, but Blue Dragon Plus has arrived! Does Shu succeed, or should everybody give up on him?

AWAY: Shuffle Dungeon Review

Did it release in October? Did it release in December? While the exact release date was lost in the shuffle, this game has been in stores for a while. See if you should try it out or run AWAY.

Blue Dragon Review

Mistwalker’s first game has arrived, but was it worth the wait? Power, perseverance, and poo await you in this official staff review!