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Level-5 Provides Inazuma Eleven Update

A year after the previous news, Level-5 provided a new update for Inazuma Eleven: Great Road. The game is still quite a while away from release as the company looks to make it a culmination of the series.

Inazuma Eleven Ares Renamed, Set for Spring 2020 Release in Japan

Inazuma Eleven Ares has suffered some development issues that saw it fail to launch before the anime series and even its sequel. Level-5 provided an update on the game, giving it a new spring 2020 Japanese launch window and a new title.

Level-5 Provides Some Inazuma Eleven Ares Details

Level-5’s football RPG series is heading to PS4 and Switch in Japan this summer. The developer provided some new details and screenshots for the game, which takes place in an alternate world to the original series.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Review

The fifth Inazuma Eleven title sees Raimon having to defend the very existence of football from a shadowy organisation from two-hundred years in the future. It may sound preposterous, but any excuse to get dinosaurs playing the sport surely is acceptable.

Inazuma Eleven GO Review

Nintendo of Europe timed the release of Inazuma Eleven GO to coincide nicely with this summer’s World Cup, but which provided the better version of the beautiful game? When it comes to bog-standard real-world physics against a setting where the ball can be turned into a boomerang surely there’s only one winner.