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Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Launches

Softstar Entertainment and DOMO’s Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is now available worldwide on PC. The game is also available on PS4 in Asia, with a western release to follow at a later date.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Release Date Announced

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII now has a release date. The game will come to PC worldwide and PS4 in Asia at the end of this month, with Japanese and western PS4 releases and an Xbox One version to follow later.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Demo Available

A demo is now available on PC for the newest entry in the Xuan-Yuan Sword series. The demo lets players check out the opening parts of the game, which launches later this year.

Gameplay Trailer Released for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

Softstar Entertainment has a gameplay trailer for the latest title in the Xuan-Yuan Sword series. Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is expected to launch with English and Chinese language options later this year on PC and PS4.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Announced

A new entry in the long-running Xuan-Yuan Sword series is in development. Xuan-Yuan Sword VII will release with both English and Chinese language options later this year.

Xuan Yuan Sword Arrives on Xbox One

Xbox One-owning RPGamers in North America can check out a Taiwanese RPG. Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament is now available, with a two-week launch discount.