Baldur’s Gate III Introduces Orin the Red

Ahead of the release of Baldur’s Gate III on PC and Mac next week, Larian Studios released a new trailer introducing Orin the Red. Orin is the third of a group of three major antagonists, joining General Ketheric Thorm and Lord Enver Gortash. She is portrayed by Maggie Robertson and is an expert practitioner of inflicting pain and murder, going uncaught thanks to her shapeshifting abilities.

Baldur’s Gate III has been in Early Access on PC and Mac since 2020, and will fully release on PC and Mac at 11am Eastern on August 3, 2023, before launching on PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2023. The game is based on the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Its story begins with the customisable player character and some others captured and forced to host a Mindflayer tadpole before the airship they are on crashes.



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