RPG Cast – Episode 669: “The 1 of 1 Ring to Rule Them All”

Chris walks in on Anna playing Tactics Ogre. Alex is head of the elemental winds. And Kelley’s cat stole a banana.

Question of the Week
What convention would you go to in person if you could?

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2 Responses

  1. Gameresq Gameresq says:

    Last week’s QOTW –

    Fire Emblem has been my favorite series since I first played Blazing Sword on the GBA in 2003. I remember reading previews in Nintendo Power and being amazed that a game like this was making its way to the west. Once I started, I was hooked and found myself going back to experience the Japan-exclusive releases.

    That said, my favorite game in the series is Radiant Dawn on Wii. The map quality, combat, narrative and level of challenge were ideal. Sadly, I also remember that game being a commercial failure at the time and many of us feared that would mark the end of Fire Emblem releases here.

    Thankfully, Awakening changed the trajectory and while I may not love all of the changes that have been introduced in recent installments, I am still grateful to have new Fire Emblem entries releasing on a regular basis.

    As for which convention I would attend, have to agree with Kelley and go with Tokyo Game Show. The opportunity to visit Japan would be amazing.

  2. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    There are a few conventions I would love to go to if I could.

    One: If there was ever an RPGamer convention I would totally go.
    Two: FFXIV Fan Fest. I really wanted to go this year but life got in the way.

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