New Release Round-Up (March 2, 2023)

Welcome to RPGamer’s new release round-up. In this column we look to provide our readers with details on all of the RPGs released over the week. Please note we do not currently include Early Access releases where the game is still in development.

Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Publisher: eNVy softworks
Developer: eNVy softworks
Available: Steam
Price: $2.99 (10% launch discount)

Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery is a satirical visual novel-RPG hybrid. The game features a branching story based on players’ choices and rolls as they try to assist the party while not annoying the Basement Master.

Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~

Platform: PC
Publisher: Prismalice
Developer: Prismalice
Available: Steam
Price: $18.99 (15% launch discount)

Esperia ~ Uprising of the Scarlet Witch ~ is a fantasy tactical RPG created with SRPG Studio. The game sees the second princess of Mediana, Diana Pendragon, betrayed and set up as a traitor and witch. She escapes with her loyal knight to find allies and investigate secrets as well as reclaim her title.

Meg’s Monster

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Odencat
Developer: Odencat
Available: SteamXbox Store, Nintendo eShop
Price: $14.99 (10% launch discount)

Turn-based RPG Meg’s Monster follows a young girl named Meg who wakes up in the Underworld, a land of monsters that will happily eat humans. However, friendly ogre Roy and his friend Golan find her first. Determining that Meg has the power to cause the apocalypse in the Underworld, Roy and Golan search for Meg’s mother to get her home. The game features turn-based combat where Roy begins with 99,999 HP and is immensely powerful, with players instead needing to focus on ensuring Meg doesn’t cry. Those looking to read more about Meg’s Monster can check out Michael Baker’s review of its Nintendo Switch version.

Phantom Brigade

Platform: PC
Publisher: Brace Yourself Games
Developer: Brace Yourself Games
Available: Steam, Epic Games Store
Price: $29.99 (20% launch discount)

Tactical RPG Phantom Brigade sees players take charge of the last surviving squad of mech pilots on one side of a war, aiming to capture enemy assets. The game’s combat system is a hybrid of turn-based and real-time, with customisation playing a major part. The game had been in Early Access since 2020.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S (previously released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher: Riot Forge
Developer: Airship Syndicate
Available: PlayStation Store, Xbox Store
Price: $29.99 (Free upgrade for PlayStation 4, Xbox One owners)

A turn-based RPG spin-off set in the League of Legends universe, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story takes place in the port town of Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, which are surrounded by cursed Black Mist that corrupts those who come into contact with it. Players form a party from six League of Legends champions: Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri, and Pyke.

Vanaris Tactics

Platform: Nintendo Switch (previously released on PC)
Publisher: Toge Productions
Developer: Matteus Reis
Available: Nintendo eShop
Price: $9.99

Tactical RPG Vanaris Tactics puts players in the role of the leader of a group of refugees. Morgana, her brother Nigel, and her nephew Adrien look to escape the walls of their previous home in Vanaris to gain their freedom and peace.

void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2

Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Available: PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop
Price: $39.99

Roguelike void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 is the sequel to 2020 title void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium. Players control a robot looking after Toriko, a young girl who is the last known human. Toriko lives in her own terrarium while the robot ventures out into the world taking on randomised dungeons to find food, resources, and clues necessary for her survival from a new deadly disease.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Developer: Team Ninja
Available: Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store
Price: $59.99

Action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is produced by Fumihiko Yasuda (Nioh) and Masaaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne). The game puts players in the role of a nameless militia soldier fighting against demons and enemy soldiers with swordplay based on Chinese martial arts. Those looking to read more about the game can check out Zack Webster’s impression of a PC build.

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