Octopath Traveler II’s Throné and Temenos Introduced

Square Enix released new media and details for the upcoming Octopath Traveler II. The update introduces Throné and Temenos — two of the eight playable characters alongside Hikari, Agnea, Partitio, Osvald, Ochette, and Castti — as well as detailing secondary jobs and support skills.

Throné Anguis is a city thief in the Brightlands, an urban region in Eastern Solistia with a pleasant climate. Agriculture allowed the region to flourish, bringing in further money and people as the region’s urban and industrial areas developed and expanded. Throné is a member of a thieves guild called the Blacksnakes, tasked with both stealing and literally cleaning up nefarious happenings. She looks to break free from the cycle of bloodshed.



Other characters in Throné’s story include Father and Mother, the guild’s two leaders. Father is an expert assassin, while Mother manages the guild’s members with strict discipline. Pirro is another member of the Blacksnakes and dreams of freedom, but is resigned to his position. Scaracci is also a member of the guild and puts on a front but is scared of being punished by it.

Temenos Mistral is a cleric in the mountainous Crestlands. The peaks include the location of the Aelfric Cathedral, the main seat of the Sacred Flame faith. It houses the eponymous flame, which has kept burning and warming visitors despite a bitterly cold winter a century earlier. The church is thus considered holy by most of the land, and many pilgrims travel to visit the cathedral. Temenos is an Inquisitor, but begins investigations after finding there may be deeper secrets behind a certain tragic incident.



Also appearing in Temenos’s story is Pontiff Jörg, the leader of the Order of the Sacred Flame, who is respected by the townspeople and trusts Temenos. Another character is Crick, a newly appointed Sanctum Knight, who guards the castle and joins Temenos in his investigation.

Like other party members, Throné and Temenos have their own unique Path Actions, Talent, and Latent Power they can use in town and combat. Throné can Steal townspeople’s belongings or Ambush them to knock them unconscious. Her Blessing of Darkness Talent triggers automatically during night battles, raising the attack and speed of all allies, while her Latent Power lets her act twice in a turn when the gauge is filled. Temenos can Guide townspeople around, including having them assist in battle, as well as Coerce information out of them. His Moonlight Judgment Talent also triggers automatically in night battles, blinding enemies and lowering their defense. His Latent Power lets him lower enemy Shield Points with any attack.



Each party member starts out with a primary job, but they can combine this with a secondary job from other party members as the game progresses. Secondary jobs grant access to that job’s weapon types and skills. Secondary jobs are unlocked by obtaining licences from the various guilds, with up to three licences granted for each job. As players progress they will unlock support skills, which trigger automatically. Each party member can equip up to four support skills at once.

Octopath Traveler II is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch and is set to release on February 24, 2023. The game tells a new story set in the new world of Solistia and, like its predecessor, follows the intertwined stories of eight protagonists, each with their own class. Players select one of the protagonists to start their journey, eventually crossing paths with the other heroes and recruiting them to the party, after which they can play through the new recruits’ stories.




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