Octopath Traveler II Introduces Partitio, Osvald

Square Enix released a new trailer and screenshots for Octopath Traveler II. The new media introduces two of the game’s eight playable characters: Partitio the Merchant and Osvald the Scholar.

Partitio hails from a pioneer town and after witnessing its rise and fall, sets out to expand his horizons. His abilities allow him to purchase items from townspeople and to hire people to join him, with them offering additional rewards as business partners. Meanwhile, Osvald begins the game having spent 1,879 days in prison after being found guilty of murdering his wife and daughter and plots his escape to enact revenge. He is able to scruitinise townspeople to gain information, with a reputation hit if he fails, as well as to mug them for their items. In combat, he is able to discern enemy weaknesses.


Update [11/3] — Square Enix provided additional details and screenshots introducing more of the characters and locations associated with Partitio and Osvald’s stories. Papp is Partitio’s father and taught him all about commerce. He came to the town of Oresrush sixteen years ago, helping to build it from the ground up. Roque is Papp’s business partner, with the two initial buying a patch of land in the hopes it would contain silver. Ori is a scrivener for the Delsta Times, travelling the world for news stories, and Partitio’s action catch her attention.

Partitio’s story begins in the barren Wildlands of Northwest Solistia. It is an expanse of volcanic rock generated by Fiatsuro and its neighbouring volcanoes. However, it is home to the golt, a large and hardy breed of goat that produces highly regarded cheese, and beneath its soil lie many valuable minerals around which a number ofm ining towns have sprung up.



Meanwhile, Osvald’s story features Harvey. He, like Osvald, is a scholar of magic and is looking into the seventh source of magic, with differs to the known elements of fire, ice, lightning, wind, light, and darkness. Meanwhile, Emerald is another prisoner with Osvald. He assists Osvald’s escape with he knowledge as an informer. Lady Clarissa is Osvald’s research assistant and believe in his innocence, watching over his study.

Osvald’s story take place in Northern Solistia’s frozen Winterlands. Its capital is the mountain city of Stormhail, which was founded nearly 400 years ago. It is home to the Sacred Guard, which aims to upholdl aw and order throughout Solistia. Meanwhile, the coast has the fishing town of Cape Cold, which in addition to gaining daily hauls of seafood, has many who work in agriculture and textiles.


In addition, the media shows some of the new methods of travel available to players. The party is able to use canoes to cross rivers and an obtain their own ship to cross the sea. The video also shows off Latent Powers, unique abilities for each partner that are activated by a new gauge that fills as players take damage or Break foes. Partitio’s Hoot and Holler power instantly replenishes BP, while Osvald’s Concentrate Spells focuses magic on a single enemy for greater power.

Octopath Traveler II is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch and is set to release on February 24, 2023. The game tells a new story set in the new world of Solistia and, like its predecessor, follows the intertwined stories of eight protagonists, each with their own class. Players select one of the protagonists to start their journey, eventually crossing paths with the other heroes and recruiting them to the party, after which they can play through the new recruits’ stories.




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