Forspoken Gameplay Shows Magic Parkour

Square Enix and Luminous Productions released the first in a planned series of gameplay videos for action RPG Forspoken. The three-minute video focuses on player character Frey Holland’s traversal skills, where she uses magic and parkour to quickly get around and avoid danger in the world of Athia. Such abilities include being able to travel quickly over distance, scale heights or ledges, and skim over water, with some allowing her to restore or conserve stamina in the process.

Forspoken sees New York City resident Frey Holland transported to the world of Athia, where she learns she has mystical abilities. Athia previously flourished under the reign of its matriarchs, called Tantas, before it became afflicted by the Break, which has driven the Tantas to madness. Forspoken is set to release for PC and PlayStation 5 on January 24, 2023.



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