Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure Hunting Detailed

Square Enix put out new screenshots and details for its upcoming Dragon Quest spin-off, Dragon Quest Treasures. The images come alongside a new blog post that goes over the process by which siblings Erik and Mia gain treasure from the floating continent of Draconia.

Draconia is formed by the bodies of two legendary dragons and has several islands. It is also home to highly-prized artifacts known as the seven legendary Dragonstones, each shaped like part of a dragon. But adventurers can also find other items on the continent ranged in rank from “bric-a-brac” to “treasures” or even “iconic”, and valued as such. To find treasures, players first select one of the islands to go on an expedition. Purrsula and Porcus provide a forecast on what might be found on each island as well as how suitable the current party is for the island.



Once on the island, players can go exploring for any points of interests, with their party monsters indicating if they sense anything nearby. Items can be found in various foraging spots such as long grass or mineral deposits. However, finding rare treasure requires a bit more effort, including using the Fortune Finder, an ability that Erik and Mia have access to thanks to the Dragon Daggers. The Fortune Finder activates Treasure Visions is treasure is nearby, letting players pinpoint its location by looking through the vision of their monsters.

In addition, Square Enix announced that physical pre-orders for the game are available on Nintendo Switch. Those who pre-order the game from selected retailers will receive a code to obtain the following in game items: five Chimaera Wings, which returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure; fifteen Better Buddy Bullets, which increase the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player; and five Fullheal Pellet, which fully restore the HP of an ally.

Dragon Quest Treasures was originally teased as a new Dragon Quest Monsters game in 2018. The treasure-hunting RPG will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.



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