Dragon Quest Treasures Gets Details, Screenshots

Square Enix released more details and screenshots for the upcoming Dragon Quest spin-off Dragon Quest Treasures. The new update covers the game’s setting, characters, and gameplay elements.

Dragon Quest Treasures follows siblings Erik and Mia — younger versions of the characters from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age — on an adventure in the world of Draconia. The pair live on a Viking longship and come across supernatural creatures Porcus and Purrsula before being sent to Draconia, a floating island filled with monsters and treasure. Erik and Mia set out on the adventure they dreamed of, seeking to obtain the seven Dragonstones and any other treasure they find, with Purrsula and Porcus acting as their spirit guides.



Players can control either Erik or Mia and swap between them, with progression shared between the characters. Draconia is made up of multiple regions with their own monsters and characteristics such as glaciers and volcanoes. Erik and Mia are joined by a recruitable team of monsters who help explore, fight, and find treasure with their abilities. The Fortune Finder is the first tool for treasure hunting and gives players a direction to head to. When player’s monsters become agitated, the Fortune Finder shows the treasure’s location through the monsters’ eyes.

Erik and Mia aren’t the only ones hunting for treasure on Draconia, however. They will need to defend their finds from rival gangs. Once players manage to return to the base with their newly found goods, they can get them appraised. The money obtained can then be used to grow the base and let Erik and Mia become even better at treasure hunting.



Dragon Quest Treasures was originally teased as a new Dragon Quest Monsters game in 2018. The treasure-hunting RPG will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.



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