Kickstarter Check-In: Exit Veil

Japan-based developer Cherrymochi Game Studio has begun a Kickstarter campaign for Exit Veil. Billed as an occult and tarot RPG, the game is in development for PC, with Bloodborne, Final Fantasy, and Eternal Darkness cited as inspirations. The developer previously created adventure title Tokyo Dark, which itself underwent a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Console versions are also planned to be included as part of the campaign’s stretch goals.

Exit Veil features 3D exploration with turn-based combat that focuses on healing and integrates tarot cards. The game follows Tori, a young woman lost and cut off from the world as the reality around her decays. She ventures through numerous realms: the domains of Archetypes, Egregores, Servitors, Daemons, Angels, and the Machine-Elves. To fight back, Tori has the Veil, a ritual headpiece enhanced by technology. Players must ensure they keep all of its systems active to prevent a failure cascade leaving Tori unprotected.

Tarot cards represent Tori’s abilities during and outside of combat. Each card is created by gathering the emotions from enemies. The relationship between the cards and their emotions indicate their connection to enemy archetypes, which players can use to their advantage. Combat is said to require a mixture of strategic planning and quick thinking, focusing equally on survival as well as dealing damage, with the Veil having six different systems that players must keep running to prevent Tori’s mind being devoured.

The campaign has already passed its ¥6,850,000 (around $50,000) funding goal, with the campaign set to run until August 10, 2022. Those who pledge at least ¥3,200 (around $24) will receive a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. Exit Veil is currently expected to release in late 2024.



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