The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II Gets Japan Release Date, More Details

Nihon Falcom announced that The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II -Crimson Sin- will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan on September 29, 2022. The release date announcement comes with new details and screenshots covering new locations, a chapter select system, and a pair of returning characters.

The game includes visits to new towns as well as some parts of previous towns not visited in the previous game. One new town is Messeldam, a harbour city in the north of the Calvard Republic. It was a major fishing hub, and though its influence has waned following the developement of airships, it is still a major port en route to places such as Remiferia. The city has fewer influences from the east of Zemuria and retains architecture from the country’s kingdom period, though modern art has become popular there and until recently it held the Orbal Film Festival.



Other locations shown are the capital Edith City’s Trion Mall, a shopping centre in front of the massive Trion Tower, and the Centre Marche, the city’s biggest market. Players will also visit the Eastern Quarter in Langport’s 2nd Avenue, also known as its “old town”. Unlike the 1st Avenue, it is rarely visited by tourists and focuses more on providing facilities for the locals. It also houses the head dojo for the Moon Flower Style martial art.

Kuro no Kiseki II will introduce a chapter select option at certain points in the game. These come when Van and his allies are split up into different locations and let players choose which group to follow first, with the other group’s story automatically beginning afterwards. Some of these chapters will include special missions with their own gameplay; for example, there are some Orbal network hacking and character tailing sections.



The game will feature two returning characters from The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie: Swin Abel and Nadia Rayne. Both are former assassins who previously associated with a masked character known as C during incidents around the Erebonian Empire. Swin uses dual blades in combat and is often quite dry, while Nadia uses needles and modified stuffed bears and has incredible analytical skills but is often low on energy outside of combat.

Kuro no Kiseki II is the second game in the wider Trails/Kiseki series’ Calvard arc, with more details on how the series arcs link together available in RPGamer’s Where to Start? guide. The game will include the same combat system from the previous game, where players can choose between real-time or turn-based combat, as well as its Law, Gray, and Chaos alignment system. Neither Kuro no Kiseki nor Kuro no Kiseki II have had western releases announced at this stage, though Trails into Reverie is planned to launch in North America and Europe in 2023.


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