Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Readies Frozen Resolution

Sega has new details to show for the new update to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. The update, titled Frozen Resolution, is the largest update to the game since its launch last year and includes an increased level cap to 60, the brand new region Kvaris to explore, and the continuation of the game’s story.

The Kvaris region will add new open field activities that can be undertaken, some as a group and some solo. Multiple players will be able to race each other and solo players will be able to attempt time attack modes and try to beat their own records. Two new actions will be added to the game: Throw Action and Floating Boards. Throw Action replaces the player’s weapons and allows them to pick up and throw items, including at enemies. Floating Boards creates a hoverboard that allows players to move around the map faster.

Other new additions include  two new weapon lines in the Sechetyl and Evoleclipse series. The Crocodylis is a new boss that throws bombs that can be thrown back at it. The Rayjord Gorge will serve as a tough Expedition Sector that will slowly damage players over time. To combat this, players will have to gain resistance from foods, items, and Augments that can be gained from the region.

Frozen Resolution is currently available to players on PC and Xbox One. For more information on the update, Sega released an extended look at the region in its most recent NGS Headline video.



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