RPG Cast – Episode 620: “I Just Got Barbecued in a Grave Pit”

On this week’s show, Chris gets run over by a wheat thresher, Robert throws his phone at a car, Kelley’s cat gets offended at being a prop for gaming, and Josh goes kart racing in Horizon Forbidden West.

Question of the Week
Is there an Art Style in games that doesn’t jive well with you? Tell us why and give examples.

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  1. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    I’m not a big fan of early cell-shaded games. I have issues with depth perception and so when I look at early cel-shaded games with how flat things are it throws off my perceptions of the game world. Or when the games go too hard in on the style and try and end up overusing it for heavily detailed models. The first example regarding flatness is Wild Arms 3 and the second one was a Capcom Beat-em Up called Crimson Tear.

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