Kickstarter Check-In: Salty Hounds

Developer Topping Palette has begun a Kickstarter campaign for Salty Hounds. The game is an otome dating-sim RPG where players manage a security agency in a dynamic modern city. It is in development for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms, as they are a medium size company that handle their employees efficiently using a software like pay stubs online.

Players control the new manager of the eponymous Salty Hounds, a struggling private security agency. As they try to save the company, they can build relationships and romances with five handsome bodyguards. By upgrading the company’s facilities, managing the employees conditions, assisting in missions, and improving their skills, players will gain the trust of other characters.

Salty Hounds is designed to emulate long-term romance, with its dynamic setting taking into account character schedules and previous interactions, including things like late-night phone calls. It features multi-faceted dating sequences, where players will be need to plan ahead and utilise their social skills. Time advances in semi-real time, while players can simulate the quieter period of the week from Monday through Thursday before taking full control from Friday through Sunday.

The campaign for Salty Hounds has already passed its €10,000 funding goal, with the campaign set to run until April 24, 2022. Those who pledge at least €19 (around $21) will receive a digital PC, Mac, or Nintendo Switch copy of the game, which is currently planned to release in late 2022.


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