Kickstarter Check-In: Pry Into the Void

Developer Ernest Placido has begun a Kickstarter campaign for Pry Into the Void. The game is a turn-based monster-taming RPG with horror elements that lists Shin Megami Tensei, Off, Yume Nikki, and Omori as inspirations. It is the first entry in a planned series of titles dubbed Retched Garden.

Pry Into the Void follows Josef, a young man whose fear of the outside world means he hasn’t left his apartment in eight years. However, he finds himself forced to enter a realm known as the Void, home to monsters representing different facets of humanity. He is supported by his housekeeper Marienne and his grandfather’s butler Waltiere. The story is currently planned to have two different endings.

The game features a turn-based combat system where exploiting enemy weaknesses and utilising passive skills play key roles. Once players have uncovered monster weaknesses, they become able to pry into their hearts and converse with their souls. This leads to branching events where players may be able to recruit them as allies. Players can sacrifice these monster allies to obtain seeds containing skills that can be passed to other monsters.

Pry Into the Void has already passed its $3,000 funding goal, with the campaign set to run until March 12, 2022. Those who pledge at least $12 will receive a digital copy of the game, which is in development for PC and Linux and is currently planned to release in 2023. A free demo is available to try out on Steam and


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