Undecember Releasing in 2022

Publisher LINE Games and developer Needs Games announced release plans for free-to-play action RPG Undecember. The game will launch for PC, iOS, and Android in South Korea on January 13, 2022, with an international release following later in 2022.

Undecember is set in the world of Traum. The world has twelve divine beings that rose from a light in the void and are worshipped as gods. However, a thirteenth god, Serpens, was born and brought darkness to the world. Players act as Rune Hunters, adventurers who aim to prevent the resurrection of Serpens and the return of darkness.

The game features a Zodiac system for character build customisation, where players can adjust their core Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence attributes. Different gear can be equipped based on those attributes, while trait points can be spent on Constellations for further character growth. Skills are acquired by putting Skill Runes into the Rune Cast, with other Runes able to be placed next to them to enhance or alter their effects. Players are able to enhance their equipment by enchanting it using material obtained from obsolete gear.

Undecember will release with a paid battle pass that grants players in-game items, and will also include cosmetic and convenience items available for purchase. The game will launch with a ten act story campaign, with more acts and other content to be added through updates. It will also include online co-op multiplayer in the form of the end-game Chaos Dungeon, Raid fights against bosses, and Spire of Barrier battles against waves of enemies. There will also be competitive PvP multiplayer.



Showcase Presentation (Korean audio, English subtitles available)


Cinematic Trailer


Gameplay Trailer


Zodiac Introduction


Skill Runes Introduction


Gear Introduction


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