Additional NEO: The World Ends with You Images, Details Revealed

Square Enix provided additional details and images for NEO: The World Ends with You ahead of its worldwide release this month. The update introduces additional characters, as well as information on multiple gameplay elements.

The first new character is Coco, a Reaper who spends most of her time as she wishes around Harajuku. She is a returning character, having met Neku and Beat during The World Ends with You: Final Remixs A New Day content. The second character is Eiji Oji, a highly popular influencer thanks to his charm and calm attitude. Meanwhile, Eiru is a popular streamer who hopes to be able to work with Eiji after Eiji helps Eiru become comfortable with his high-pitched voice.



Ken Doi is another minor returning character who previously ran the Ramen Don restaurant. He has now turned his attention to curry and has opened the Spicy Curry Don restaurant. Finally, Ryoji is a handyman in Shibuya who takes on any task. He has a strong sixth sense and appears to have a connection to the Underground.

While moving around Shibuya, protagonist Rindo and his allies can use Fret’s imprinting ability to help them progress. Imprinting lets the party implant words or ideas into people’s heads to influence their decisions and unlock new paths in the game. NEO: The World Ends with You features many sidequests that make use of imprinting and other characters’ abilities to solve people’s problems. When players complete a sidequest, it updates the game’s social network, giving players opportunities to earn rewards.



Combat lets up to six party members participate at once, each using their own pin. Battle commences shortly after players come into contact with Noise in the environment, but players can generate chain battles by coming into contact with multiple Noise symbols in quick succession. A bigger chain provides a higher item drop rate with which players can earn more pins, but enemy attacks will also get stronger and party HP will carry over between battles.

Different Noise require different strategies, with Pig Noise being special types of Noise that are often only susceptible to specific attack types or conditions. They usually provide great rewards but will quickly try to escape from combat. In addition to regular pins, players can find powerful Uber pins, as well as sets called Pin Ensembles that provide special effects when used together. Pins level up through experience points earned from combat and once they reach their maximum level they can evolve into new pins.



NEO: The World Ends with You is a sequel to The World Ends with You and follows Rindo, a young resident of Shibuya. Sensing that something is amiss during an otherwise normal day, he comes across a girl who identifies herself as a Reaper. Rindo plays along and decides to join in the Reaper’s Game, where participants fight monsters called Noise using superpowered pins. NEO: The World Ends with You will launch worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2021. The game will also be released for PC sometime in summer 2021 via the Epic Games Store.



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