RPG Cast – Episode 587: “The Real Puff Puff”

It’s the Old People Cast! Chris has issues with podcasts. Kelley asks if the gelatinous cube was worth it – it isn’t. Pascal is buried under a giant pile of visual novels. Anna Marie comes down with typhoid. And Robert insists there’s always room for more zippers.

Question of the Week
What E3 announcement would make you the happiest?

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2 Responses

  1. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: The E3 announcement that would make me the happiest…
    The heads of Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, and AMD get on a broadcast together to announce they’ve assembled a hit squad to hunt down everyone hoarding and scalping their hardware to take them back, put them back on the market at MSRP, and, for good measure, beat down the scalpers 🙂

    Silliness aside, and a far more succinct answer, I’m still holding my breath on that Xenoblade Chronicles X Definitive Edition on Switch announcement.

  2. I would be ecstatic if that Baten Kaitos trademark did mean we will see remasters of both games, with maybe a hint of a new game if they do well.

    Barring that, I’m still holding out hope for that Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Switch port.

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