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RPG Backtrack 310 – Omicron Mons

This week’s RPG Backtrack discusses Nexomon and Nexomon Extinction, a pair of charming monster collecting games with a quirky sense of humor. Anna and Ryan Costa join the show this week to wrap up Monster Menagerie May.

Nexomon Physical Bundle Announced

PQube and Vewo Interactive’s Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction are coming together in a physical bundle. The bundle will launch on PS4 and Switch later this year.

Nexomon: Extinction Review

A welcome follow-up to the 2015 mobile title, Nexomon: Extinction shows improvement in many aspects. Despite the title, the series is far from dying out!

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RPG Cast – Episode 587: “The Real Puff Puff”

It’s the Old People Cast! Chris has issues with podcasts. Kelley asks if the gelatinous cube was worth it – it isn’t. Pascal is buried under a giant pile of visual novels. Anna Marie comes down with typhoid. And Robert insists there’s always room for more zippers.

Nexomon: Extinction Launches

Monster-catching RPG Nexomon: Extinction is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s Xbox One version will launch sometime in September.

Nexomon: Extinction Launching in August

PQube and VEWO Interactive’s monster-catching RPG Nexomon: Extinction now has a release date. The game will launch in August, with physical versions available on a couple of its platforms.