RPG Cast – Episode 572: “Partly Cloudy Souls With a Chance of Roguelike”

Josh is having an Ys-y time. Anna Marie ranks all the slime families. Robert gets notified every time google kills a product. And Chris tells everyone to blink on cue.

Question of the Week
What did your parents think about your video game hobby?

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7 Responses

  1. VahnRPG VahnRPG says:

    Question of the Week: My mom has always thought video games were stupid. She used to regale me with her tales of being at a party, seeing some people crowding around this console playing pong or spacewar or something, and thinking “what’s the point?” Which then went to color her opinion of video games ever since. Up until the original playstation and gameboy color, the most we had was an IBM 286 for the majority of my childhood. Eventually she DID relent, and we got a playstation for xmas one year. Even then, she wasn’t exactly supportive of the hobby.

    Joke’s on her, though. Thanks to video games, Legend of Legaia in particular, I’m a professional programmer, making more money than she ever did at a job I actually like, and I gained the best wife ever (sorry Anna) who is now on the podcast this will be read on! [/nerdflex]

  2. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Did? It’s the same here 30 years later: they pretend it doesn’t exist. Every now and again I’d get a game as a gift (usually not from them), but it was 85% my out-of-pocket thing as a kid. I got my NES & SNES used via friends as they went with Sega or whatever. For the most part, it’s completely ignored. Sentences come out of my mouth about gaming and it’s like they didn’t hear it.
    Me: “Hey Mom, just got a new Mario game for the kids and recorded and edited 3 podcasts this week.”
    Mom: “You had some rain over there this week, right?”

  3. squiggyleo squiggyleo says:

    Same as Matt. I once got Donkey Kong Country for SNES for a birthday, and it was the biggest surprise – games had always been (and always were again after that) a taboo waste of time and money, so were never gifted. I had to save up all allowances, do extra chores around the house, and beg for rides to stores in order to buy any games to support my hobby. Eventually, I found a way to order PC games (mostly Sierra adventures) via mail, but other purchases, especially consoles, were few and far between, and a real occasion when I was able to make them work.

  4. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I think my parents were into games because I have vague memories of playing a 2600 before we got a NES when I was five. My dad had a boatload of PC games, and my mom officially lost the argument about playing games for too long when she kept me up until 4am the night after we got a N64 because she was playing Mario Kart.

    They have a Switch to play with me and my brother’s family online, and my mom still plays Wii Fit to this day.

  5. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    Kelly: ‘I imagine there’s nobody out there that’s gonna miss the (Mass Effect 3) multiplayer’
    Then rename me Nobody, because I’m gonna miss that immensely! That alone was the sole reason I kept getting XBox Live Gold so I could play online. And when I later got a gaming PC, I rebought ME3 on EA Origin just to keep playing the multiplayer, which I was surprised still had an active community (at least up until the last time I played about a year ago). Them announcing it wasn’t returning to the Remaster saddens me greatly (although ain’t going to stop me from buying it, because it’s still one of my favorite trilogies and games of all time).

    QOTW: They bought our first NES in 88 for us and probably didn’t think much about it at the time. Even played it themselves for awhile; playing Tetris for us while we were falling asleep. But after I got barely passing grades in 3rd grade because I did NONE of my homework (but got extremely good grades on in-class work and tests) the whole year because of video gaming they thought very differently about it 😅. I almost killed my gaming hobby by doing that. But after a summer vacation long punishment of being grounded from all video games I learned a life long lesson about moderation and responsibility. And now, after I’ve shown that I can make while not a living but a nice amount of side cash playing video games online, they seem to have more of a positive opinion of the hobby as a whole 😁

  6. I can think of a few other deep-voiced American VAs that pop up often in video games and anime that you’ve probably heard. There’s Jamison Price who voiced Nikolai Nikolanikov in Bravely Second, Emporer Rudolf in Fire Emblem Echoes, and Nemesis in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

    There’s also Richard Epcar, who voiced Batou in most Ghost in the Shell incarnations, Raiden in recent Mortal Kombat games, and Ansem in Kingdom Hearts.

    And there’s DC Doulas, who is Gafka in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, Albert Wesker in many Resident Evil games, Gunter in Fire Emblem Fates, and Rufus Albarea in Trails of Cold Steel. Perhaps Anna and Kelley were thiking of one of them.

    QotW: My parents didn’t think I was mature enough to have video games at home (except for those single-game Tiger Electronic handhelds, apparently) until I was ten. While they never played video games with me, despite some coaxing, they still occasionally bought games for me, especially when they gave me the Game Boy Pocket for my birthday. Video games were fine as long as they didn’t get in the way of schoolwork.

  7. My mom never really minded me and my brother playing video games, having bought us a Sega Genesis as our first game console. I definitely remember at least a couple times where she would let me pick a game out for myself for doing well in school. She’s never really gotten to deep into games herself except for casual mobile and browser games.

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