1940s Pixel RPG Pecaminosa Goes Noir in Early 2021

Portuguese developer Cereal Games is joined by Madrid-based BadLand Publishing to release detective noir action RPG Pecaminosa. Players take on the role of former cop and down-on-his-luck drunk John Souza, who is one day visited by the ghost of mob boss Charlie “Two Angels”, and tasked with helping him capture his former associates in a bid to get Charlie into heaven. Along the way, players will have to deal with thieves, gangsters, and members of the occult.

Pecaminosa features a pixelized art style heavily inspired by 1940s noir films. The game completed a successful IndieGoGo campaign earlier this year. The game will feature character customization with weapons and outfits, allow players to utilize different playstyles, and participate in gambling mini-games. The development team cites The Legend of Zelda as one of its influences. Pecaminosa is slated for a Q1 2021 release for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



Pascal Tekaia

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