New Dev Diary Explains Gamedec’s Branching Narrative Choices

Anshar Studios has released a new developer diary video for its cyberpunk detective RPG Gamedec, this time focusing on the game’s branching narrative structure and how player choice impacts how the story unfolds. Players will not be able to encounter fail states during the game’s investigations; rather, their approaches to NPCs, decisions they make, and consequences of individual actions will carry forward in the game world, impacting how future situations play out, and opening access to some interactions while removing others.

Gamedec takes place in the 22nd century and sees players acting as a private detective tasked with solving crimes that occur in an assortment of virtual worlds. The game is currently being developed for PC and is expected to launch sometime in 2020. Those looking to read more can check out Anna Marie Privitere’s impression from 2019’s PAX West.



Pascal Tekaia

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