Gamedec Dev Diary Introduces Harvest Time

Anshar Studios has released a new dev diary video for its upcoming cyberpunk RPG, Gamedec. As a futuristic investigator who solves crimes by logging into different virtual video game worlds, players will need to be ready for just about anything, including a Wild West setting in a free-to-play farming sim. Harvest Time, as this virtual game-within-a-game is called, is a place where players can log in to work the land, and even harvest gold from the fields. The developers promise a wealth of in-depth features for those who want to sink some extra time into Harvest World, though a truncated visit will also be possible for those who’d rather move on with the story.

Gamedec takes place in the 22nd century and sees players acting as a private detective tasked with solving crimes that occur in an assortment of virtual worlds. The game is currently being developed for PC and is expected to launch sometime in 2020. Those looking to read more can check out Anna Marie Privitere’s impression from this year’s PAX West.



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