Death end re;Quest 2 Releasing in Japan in February

Compile Heart’s Death end re;Quest 2 is releasing for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 13, 2020. The sequel to Death end re;Quest takes place in the fictional European city of Liz Shoala. The lakeside town has been losing population since the emergence of a religious cult, seeing many homes left abandoned with only around fifty families remaining.

A church lies in the heart of Liz Shoala and within it is the Wardsworth girls’ dormitory. New character Mai Touyama decides to live in the dormitory as part of her search for her sister Sanae, and gets wrapped up in an incident as girls from the dormitory start to disappear. Mai is considered a genius, but suffered abuse as a child and has been orphaned after her mother disappeared and her father died in an incident where he pulled a knife on Mai.



Joining Mai in the game is Rotten Dollhart, another girl living at the dormitory. Nicknamed Rot, she is a noble girl who is slightly air-headed but looked up to by the others. Another girl living with them is Liliana Pinnata, who also suffered from abuse as a child after her father was possessed by a demon and committed suicide. The other character revealed is returning character Shiina Ninomiya, the game designer rescued by Arata Mizunashi from the virtual reality game World’s Odyssey. Some years after the pair end up completing the game, Arata suddenly disappears. Shiina sets out to find him, ending up in Liz Shoala.

In the game, monsters appear in Liz Shoala, joined by creatures called Dark Shadows. These are said to be cursed beings and appear when night falls. The Shadows roam the town and relentlessly pursue Mai and her allies if the latter are spotted. It is not known what happens to those caught by a Shadow.



Mai and the others will be able fight against the town’s monsters in turn-based battles. There are up to three party members in each battle, with turns set individually based on each character’s speed attribute. Characters can move freely on their turn before acting, allowing players to move them to set up combos or move outside of an enemy’s range. The commands in battle use the Triact system, which gives each character three actions per turn. For example, a character may choose to attack once, use an item, and defend in a single turn.

Death end re;Quest 2 will feature the return of its predecessor’s knockback system, which can send enemies flying to cause further damage, even knocking them into other enemies to damage them as well. The game will also see the return of the Glitch Mode system. As Mai and her allies are attacked or touch cursed areas, their corruption stat increases. Once this reaches a certain level, it activates a transformation into Glitch Mode, which provides additional powerful abilities.



Source: Gematsu


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