Rune Factory 4 Special E3 Impression

Rune Factory fans haven’t gotten a new release in the series since 2012. With the next all-new installment still a year away, XSEED Games has a special surprise in store this year. Rune Factory 4 Special is a re-release of the Nintendo 3DS title, marking the franchise’s first foray onto the Nintendo Switch. While the game is essentially the same, with it come a number of additions and improvements.

Rune Factory 4 could be called a daily royal life simulator. Players take on the role of the kingdom’s prince or princess, and must assist them on their daily routine. This includes activities such as farming for ingredients to sell or cook, fighting their way through dungeons in top-down action combat, finding romance and getting married, and making decisions in matters of state and their citizens’ daily lives.



A big selling point this time around is the addition of Newlywed Mode. Accessible through the main menu, Newlywed Mode consists of twelve original side stories exploring the backgrounds and origins of the game’s twelve marriage prospects. Prince and princess each have six possible partners, and this time players will have the opportunity to become far better acquainted with them.

From the looks of it, fans of the Rune Factory series, specifically Rune Factory 4, will not be disappointed here, as all the activities they’ve come to expect are present and accounted for, with the dungeons being a personal favorite of mine. But Rune Factory 4 Special is an all-around experience, and may pave the way to the next new release new players when it releases later this year.


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