Ni no Kuni Movie Trailers Highlight Its Main Characters

Warner Bros. has released some new Japanese trailers for the upcoming Ni no Kuni movie. The three movies focus on particular characters. The first highlights Yuu, who is top of his high school class and uses a wheelchair. The second focuses on Haru, the star of the school’s basketball team and Yuu’s childhood friend. The final video focuses on Kotona and Asya. Kotona is Yuu and Haru’s other childhood friend, while Asya is the princess in another world who is the spitting image of Kotona.

The Ni no Kuni movie is set to be released in Japanese theatres on August 23, 2019. Joe Hisaishi has been confirmed as the composer of the movie’s musical score, with the original screenplay created by Ni no Kuni and Ni no Kuni II writer Akihiro Hino.





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