Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s New DLC Goes Beneath the Stolen Lands

Owlcat Games and Deep Silver have announced the release date for the third DLC for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Titled Beneath the Stolen Lands, the DLC, releasing on June 6, 2019, will give players the opportunity to build a party from scratch to explore a vast maze beneath the surface of Golarion. This maze functions as a roguelike addition to the game. Each death will in the dungeon causes it to shift layout but unlocks new benefits for future attempts. A set version of the map will also appear in the story mode, giving players a chance to take their main character through the dungeon.

Additionally, Owlcat will release Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Enhanced Edition on the same day. A free upgrade for all owners of the game, the Enhanced Edition adds the new Swordlord class, new items and weaponry, enhanced kingdom management elements, larger variety of random encounters on the world map, and balance fixes and quality of life features. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is currently available on PC.

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