More Project Sakura Wars Details Revealed in Famitsu Interview

Famitsu recently conducted an interview with some of the senior development staff for the upcoming revival of the Sakura Wars series. The interview was conducted with series director Takaharu Terada, producer Tetsu Katano, and development director Tetsuya Ootsubo, who all shared some tidbits about the development of the game, currently known as Project Sakura Wars.

Jiro Ishii, executive producer of 428: Shibuya Scramble and producer of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, is in charge of creating the structure of the game’s story. Meanwhile, the script is written by Takaaki Suzuki, who has previously worked on Girls und Panzer and the Digimon Adventure tri movie series.

Unlike previous entries in the series, character conversations and events will be rendered on the game’s 3D map. The phone-like device shown in previous screenshots is confirmed to be a more advanced version of the Cameratron/Kinematron from previous games, with multiple features including reminding players of their current mission and objectives.

On the technical side, the game uses the Hedgehog Engine used by the Sonic series, while the developers are taking advantage of the knowledge of the team behind the Yakuza series to help with the game’s event scenes. Meanwhile, the soundtrack will include roughly 70-80 tracks, with the game including more vocal tracks than any other in the series so far. Though Sega has not provided any details regarding the game’s combat system, the developers stated that it is being designed with newcomers in mind and will be easier to get to grips with.

Project Sakura Wars is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game is planned for release in Japan in winter 2019, with a western release confirmed for spring 2020.



Source: Siliconera


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  1. Slayer Slayer says:

    I’m all over this one if the combat is compelling.

  2. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    I always liked the combat in So Long My Love though it did suffer from the limitations of the PS2, forcing them to chop up the maps and stitch them together with warp points like VC2. With a lot of the Valkyria team working on it, I’m optimistic that the combat will match the story.

  3. I still have yet to play so Long My Love, but consider me interested in this game.

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