God Wars Heading to PC in June

Kadokawa Games has announced that the PC version of God Wars: The Complete Legend will be releasing worldwide on June 14, 2019, for $29.99. It will support English, Japanese, and Chinese Language options, mouse and keyboard capabilities, and have an Alignment function that will allow quick shifts of character alignment from the formation screen. These new features will be patched into the previous releases when the game launches on PC.

God Wars is a strategy RPG and stars Princess Kaguya as she travels across the land of Mizuho. She is slated to be a sacrifice to appease the Gods and bring tranquility to the lands, but she forsakes her fate and journeys with friends to find the world’s truth for herself. God Wars is also available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Vita.

The following is a list of DLC and bundles that will be available for purchase for the PC version:


  • God Wars: The Complete Legend Beginners Support Set ($5.99)
    • Amaterasu’s Necklace, Amaterasu’s Earrings: Increases experience points by 40 percent each.
    • Aome’s Necklace, Aome’s Earrings: Money is increased by 50 percent each.
    • Ookami’s Necklace, Ookami’s Earrings: JP increased by 40 percent each.
    • Sun Sword, Sun Helmet, Sun Armor, Sun Gauntlet: Ultimate items.
  • God Wars: The Complete Legend True Three Sacred Treasures Set ($2.99)
    • True Sacred Blade: Perfect accuracy, critical hit rate increases by 50 percent.
    • True Sacred Mirror: Elemental resistance increases by 50 percent.
    • True Holy Magatama: Nullifies all status effects.
  • God Wars: The Complete Legend Art Book ($17.99)

Bundle Sets

  • God Wars: The Complete Legend Game + Art Book ($33.59)
  • God Wars: The Complete Legend Game + 2 DLCs + Art Book ($39.88)
    • Labyrinth of Yomi & Additional Character: Orihime DLC included.

Source: Gematsu


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    A fun SRPG with a unique setting and great story; hope some more people pick it up on PC.

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