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RPG Cast – Episode 565: “Whiskers on Raindrops”

Kelley mounts her fox onto a fox to go for a walk with her foxes. Robert breaks his keyboard. Anna Marie drinks the Kool-Aid. Chris is singing about Death Tales, awooo-oo. And Josh vapes with his Xbox. Regardless, they all agree that you should not play Operation Darkness.

God Wars Heading to PC in June

The tactical RPG God Wars is heading to PC in June. New features are being added to this release, which will also be patched into the previous console versions upon the PC launch.

God Wars Heading to Steam in June

The tactical RPG God Wars is making its way to the Steam library in June. Journey with Kaguya and her squad as they make their way around Mizuho, now on a personal computer.

God Wars Receives Enhanced Edition

Kadokawa Games’ tactical RPG God Wars is getting an expansion, and with it an enhanced version. Though we don’t have a release date yet, we do have news of the various extras coming.

God Wars Review

In a year with many strategy RPGs, God Wars leans on its ancient Japanese setting to stand out. Fans of class systems and deep customization have another game to investigate.