RPG Backtrack Episode 203: YO, KAI, Watch This!

A quick glance at the Yo-kai Watch games might superficially indicate nothing more than another portable monster collection title, but there’s quite a bit more to distinguish them.  Going into what makes this series distinct requires quite a few puns to be mentioned.

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  1. wheels wheels says:


  2. Sakurangel Sakurangel says:

    I never play yokai watch. Just watch the anime so I can’t comment on it, but I do play zero down and yeah is good. Slot of controversy surrounding about having a female protagonist was in everyone’s mouth when is was realized but I don’t care. I just what to play.
    I can understand why the new guy don’t like HDN rebirth3 o r how he called. Mission 3. Cause is more jokes and exploration. No the way. Items in the dungeons can be found by jumping and hitting blocks ala Mario bros. Action unlished was made by the same team responsible for Senran Kagura Soo , not wonder feel Soo…soo naughty to said. Good episode guys.

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